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The Total Payment Processing Solution

There are hundreds of sellers and resellers in the merchant payment processing industry.  But rarely does one company actually process the transaction and settle the merchant account, all in-house.

So why trust your money to a processor who relies on undisclosed third parties to perform critical payment services?  You deserve an integrated payment processing solution that is secure, reliable, accessible and convenient.

Most of all, you deserve Integrity.

The Direct Settlement Institution : One Company Processing The Transactions And Settling The Merchant Account

When you’ve contracted with a payment processor, you may think you’ve signed up with one company.  But in truth, most processors use multiple third parties as part of their processing, settlement and customer service.  At Merchant Valet, we do not use outside vendors to help us conduct our Business.  After all, no one knows our business better than we do.

With all Departments In-House

At Merchant Valet, we are not only the direct settlement institution, but we have also brought all the necessary departments in-house.  Our employees are directly responsible for…

  • Complete underwriting of your merchant account.
  • Issuing an active merchant number.
  • Preparation of your POS equipment so it has complete functionality.
  • Same-day deployment of your point-of-sale equipment.
  • Ensuring you can accept all forms of payment.
  • Processing your transactions.
  • Transaction settlement and deposit of your funds into your bank account
  • Easy to understand statements and transaction history available 24/7 online.
  • Live customer service and technical support
  • Account security and risk management
  • A one-on-one personal explanation and resolution of retrievals and charge-backs. 
  • State-of-the-art Information Technology to support operations

Doing It All With Excellence

We know of no other payment processor who can make all these claims.  We’ve gone the extra mile because we, like you, understand the importance of customer service.  We do it all; we do it right!

Customer Service Is, And Always Will Be, Our Number One Priority: With one number to call

When you partner with Merchant Valet, you only need one phone number to call.  When you call with a question or concern, our employee “owns” that issue until it is resolved.  That’s why we’ve cross-trained our people and empowered them to make decisions.  We do not have one standard of service for major accounts and another for small accounts.  We treat all our business partners the same-with excellence.

Reaching Real People, Not A “Voice Mail Maze”

People, not machines, answer our customer service lines.  Our knowledgeable staff of dedicated professionals is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People With Fast, Reliable Answers

We know the answers to your questions because we make the decisions.  We are equipped to give you immediate answers while other customer service lines often put you on hold for what seems like an eternity-just to give you another 800 number to call.  We stay with you every step of the way because we have immediate access to your account information.  They have the ability and the authority to resolve your questions or concerns.

Providing Same Day Approvals And Same Day Equipment Deployment

On the very same day your completed application is received at Integrity, we’ll…
Issue an active merchant account number, and
Deploy the processing equipment, complete with all the processing files needed to accept all forms of payment.

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